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While People Await 2002

Our World is Divided

Many Will be lost

It is Time



While many people eagerly await the year 2002

While many people eagerly await the year 2002, many others regard it as a non-event. We, from the West, have been following the Roman Calendar, which aligns itself with biblical chronology and archeology. For us the year 2002 looks back to the birth of Jesus Christ. However, by the Chinese lunar calendar, for example, it is now the year 4697; a full 303 years away from the next millennium, as far as 1.2 billion people are concerned. Hindus are now in the midst of a calendrical cycle that will end in the world's destruction. But this cycle has over 349,998 years to go. And now? For Jews, who date time from the biblical Creation, the year 2002 will be 5762 and, of course it is not a big deal at all. But, erroneously, some rabbis believe that 240 years from now the Messiah will arrive, and as expected, it will be the cause for celebration! For the Muslim world, who date their calendar from the prophet Muhammad's move from Mecca to Medina, 2002 will be the Islamic year 1422. As far as it concerned, the Muslims ignore the one millennium they have had, looking ahead for the great "Day of Doom" which would not come for 50,0000 years as predicted by Muhammad.

Our world is divided

Our world is divided and the historian Peter Stearns said: "One third of the world will care significantly, one third will notice it, and one third will barely be aware of it." Thus, we who are born again through the blood of the Lamb, watch the Millennium as one of the many signs that the Bible predicted for the return of our Savior: "Watch therefore: for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh".

Many will be lost in their own beliefs

Meanwhile, unfortunately, many will be lost in their own beliefs as happened with the 39 UFO expecters of Rancho Santa Fe, in California. The Heaven's Gate members were watching the skies - and the Internet - for a sign. They mistakenly found one As the comet Hale-Boop grew bright, those precious but unfortunate souls descended into darkness forever!As the true Millennium approaches in the year 2002, there will be almost surely more, and possibly more threatening millenialists who are careless regarding for the Bible's teaching concerning the return of our Savior: "And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be". Thus, let us look up for the sign of His coming, and not be deceived!

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